Tears Fall Down

by JaMarcus Henderson

An upbeat track with Jamarcus most heartfelt and personal lyrics, professing his shortcomings over a electrifying synths and dance worthy production.

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by JaMarcus Henderson

Alone is an upbeat track about dealing with loss, with it's catchy melody and solemn lyrics it makes for an unconventional but pleasant combination.  


To be released 03/16/18

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by JaMarcus Henderson

JaMarcus Henderson's first release since 2016s "MAN AT ARMS" the track starts off with a war cry with snappy snares, his first opening lines proclaiming to make his own way to success even with others trying to stop him, this upbeat track is a banger that's sure to get you motivated.



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by JaMarcus Henderson

Described as an emotional ride, "MAN AT ARMS" was conceived as JaMarcus Hendersons  first conceptual album, self-written and produced, it's journey starts with the confident yet vulnerable self-titled track, admitting mistakes but finding strength from it, the album then moves on to the solemn but uplifting "The Art Of Real Life" in which JaMarcus is coming to terms with inner turmoil within himself while dealing with outer conflict as well,  then the album dives into two sister tracks, "You Thought" and "I'm Good" which expands on his desire to remove and eliminate the problems that's been bothering him, ultimately the album reaches the ark "SWERVE" it's sharp yet colorful synth sweep through like a wave, the lyrics bold and confident with JaMarcus demanding those to move out of his way, from there it goes into to confident and cocky "GAME OVER" then the reassuring and laid back "Do Whatever" which segues into the poppy "Satisfaction" about returning to the carefree person he used to be, then to the last two most emotional tracks "Rain" and "What is Love" leaving the project on an emotional note, there's something for everyone on this project and it was truly a labor of pain and love. 



by JaMarcus Henderson

Previously released as two separate E.Ps, this is a collection of Henderson's early work from 2012-2013.